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Cold Pressure Washers

Sioux Cold Pressure Washers are great for jobs where hot water or steam is not required, such as blasting away encrusted dirt and mud, or rinsing off films and dirt. They are excellent for vehicle and grounds maintenance, as well as applications where cold water cleaning is preferred.
Sioux Cold Pressure Washers

Sioux Cold Pressure Washers can use your in-house hot water to provide high pressure hot water for cleaning various surfaces. This is an inexpensive alternative to purchasing a special hot pressure washer. Cold pressure washers with electric motors are the easiest units to operate since they require no conventional fuels, no exhaust ventilation and very little maintenance. Operating expenses for cold pressure washers are often minimal.

The following sections highlight Sioux’s standard models I various designs Sioux is an industry leader in custom-built cleaners, and can build to your specifications. For specifications not listed in the following sections, call the factory; we will quote any special application you may have.

Explosion-Proof Cold Pressure Washers

Any Sioux electric cold pressure washer can be built to explosion-proof specifications for use in hazardous areas. Units feature sealed cast aluminum enclosure with galvanized steel conduit. All electrical components are explosion-proof. Explosion-proof cold pressure washers can be built to Class I, Group C or D specifications.


Cart Series

Units provide easy mobility to cleaning areas, these lightweight compact models are mounted on sturdy tubular steel frames. Electric motor driven.

201 Cart 500 2
301 Cart 500 3
302 Cart 750 3
501 Cart 1000 2.2
502 Cart 1000 3




Console Series

These classic cold pressure washers have been in use for over 35 years, and are among the most dependable units in the industry. Electric motor driven.

202 500 2
303 500 3
505 600 4
506 700 4




Standard Construction

Frame is all welded, 14-gauge or heavier steel and angle iron with brass fittings.

Mountings for Blaster Series are available skid, wheelbarrow, caster or stationary.

Paint is baked-on red alkyd enamel finish with red oxide primer, free of heavy metals.
Water System – Consoles have a flooded suction gravity feed stainless steel float tank, stainless steel detergent tank and a screen mesh inlet water filter. Blasters have a flooded suction gravity feed stainless steel float tank and a screen water filter. Carts have a plastic detergent tank and screen mesh inlet water filter and the feed water is direct. Inlet water and detergent lines are replaceable.

Discharge Hose is high pressure design with quick-coupler fittings.

Cleaning Gun is trigger shut-off or dump gun, and includes three wash tips.

Water Pump Motor features overload protection, direct drive (includes vibration dampeners) or belt driven; 115 volt/single phase; 230 volt single or three phase; 460 volt/three phase, 60 Hertz.

Additional Standard Features include pressure relief valve and glycerin-filled pressure gauge.


Blaster Series

The Blaster Series is the top of Sioux’s Cold Pressure Washer line. The Blaster Series units are capable of generating from 3 gpm up to 24 gpm, and 1000 psi up to 6000 psi.  These units are built extra rugged to handle your toughest cleaning problems. The Blaster Series demolishes encrusted dirt, mud or heavy films from vehicles and plant facilities. Choose from caster, wheelbarrow, skid or stationary mountings. Units are available with electric motor, gasoline engine or diesel engine.

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