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  • Ceramic, multi-plunger water pump with forged bronze heads
  • Quick connects on hose, gun, and wash tips
  • Adjustable detregent system
  • Totally enclosed fan cooled motor (TEFC)
  • Solid molded-rubber casters
  • Dual lift eyes
  • Shut-off gun
  • 50' hose
Certified to UL1776 and CAN/CSAA-B140.11-M89.
Complies with OSHA 1910.399 regulations
Third-party certified by ETL

Protect you employees, your company, and yourself.  Certified equipment helps protect against OSHA fines and possible litigation.

Approved for indoor or outdoor use.
Gives greater flexibility for all your applications.

Improved coil design.
Allows total drain of verticle coil.
Tiliting coil allows easier burner adjustment and maintenance.
High efficiency, lower fuel usage, saves you money.

Easy-access electrical enclosure.
Quick, easy troubleshooting, and maintenance.

Strong structural steel frame.
Built to last. Protects your investment.

GFCI on single-phase machines.
Protects operator from electrical shock.

Wide range of options and accessories. Ability to customize machines to your exact needs.
You get the exact machine your specific application requires.

Sioux Steam Cleaner Corporation has been in business since 1939.  Our designs are based on many years of experience.
If you need a custom design, we probably have already designed something similar.
We will be here to support you today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Designed to be environmentally safe

Low CO emissions, significantly below the present UL-1776 allowable CO emission levels.
Helps improve air quality

Efficient coil design.
Less fuel usage, less smoke, lower emissions.

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